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Pride Pediatrics, Inc

Specializing in the LGBTQ+ to provide comprehensive, caring, compassionate, and inclusive healthcare to children and their families to improve the physical and emotional well-being of the community 

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How You Can Help

We are accepting monetary gifts through the donation link above or Zelle using the email address below.

We are inviting everyone to attend out Kickoff Celebration Fundraiser on July 17, 2021.  This event has in person and virtual attendance opportunities.  Please visit to secure your tickets.  Thank you so much for your support.


Pride Pediatrics, Inc. has been incorporated by the State of Georgia as a nonprofit entity and is waiting for 501(c) approval from the Internal Revenue Service.  We have begun local fundraising efforts and will apply for grant funding once nonprofit status is attained.

Currently we are trying to increase public knowledge on the need for this clinic as well as increasing fundraising efforts.

Come have dinner and help raise money at Marlow's Tavern, June 17,2021 5pm-close

June 17th

Who We Are

Highly qualified and motivated professionals

Pride Pediatrics, Inc. is led by Chief Executive Officer Dr. Kelly Schnellinger, PNP, DNP. Dr. Schnellinger is a primary care board certified pediatric nurse practitioner with years of experience in care giving, consultation, education, and care coordination.  She has her Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) from Georgia State University. She has experience with pediatric case management, neonatal intensive care, and general pediatrics.  She has taught pediatric courses at the undergraduate level.  Dr. Schnellinger is working to  secure a collaborative physician and providers to volunteer their expertise in the specialty areas , such as endocrine, infectious disease (HIV, STI), psychological/psychiatric services, case management, and social services.

Our Journey

My name is Kelly Schnellinger.  I am a member of the LGBT+ community, a mother, a nurse, a teacher, a student, and a veteran.  All of these roles require different skill sets and time commitments.  I have learned, and am still learning how to incorporate all of the lessons into my next big endeavor.

I initially graduated with an associate's degree in nursing and have spent most of my nursing career in the neonatal intensive care unit.  Although I know every nurse makes a difference in their patients' lives, working with infants has been very gratifying to me.  I help them learn to survive and teach their families how to take care of their little miracles so they can thrive after leaving the hospital.  

I decided to go back to school to increase my nursing knowledge, getting my bachelor's and master's degree from the University of Alabama.  I left the neonatal world briefly to work in case management and pediatrics.  My journey led me back to the NICU where I am still working today, but again I went back to school.  In 2020, I became a board certified pediatric nurse practitioner and my Doctorate in Nursing Practice through Georgia State University.


Research has continually shown that LGBT+ youth are at a higher risk of suicide, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), substance abuse, depression, cancers, bullying, rejection, cardiovascular disease, obesity, rejection, and anxiety compared to the general population. One study showed that LGBT+ youth were up to six times more likely to attempt suicide resulting in medical treatment than heterosexual peers.  LGBT+ youth exhibit higher incidence of health care disparities and evidence of poor well-being than their heterosexual counterparts due to fear of disclosing sexual or gender identity to their health care providers.  

There are no government agencies on the county or state levels that provide the same services that Pride Pediatrics, Inc will be providing. The services are available separately from a variety of providers in the public and private sectors, but the long delays, lack of personal attention, lack of coordination, difficulty identifying LGBTQIA accepting providers, and quality of service provided by these agencies leave the market wide open a clinic of this type.

We will incorporate the strategies recommended by the National LGBTQIA+ Health Education Center and consult with other national and international organizations to create a fully inclusive health care environment for it’s clientele. We will also work closely with other non-profits within the LGBT community to coordinate care and benefits to those who are seeking care, such as Lost-N-Found Youth, Georgia Equality, Human Rights Campaign, and is an active member of OUT Georgia Business Alliance.

Treating Newborn-22 

Pride Pediatrics, Inc understands that the LGBTQ+ community deserves specialty care.  We also know this can be difficult to find.  Whether your child is part of the LGBTQ+ spectrum, has just revealed this information to you, or you (as parents) are members of the community, we strive to help you and your children be their most authentic self.

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